Turning Color into Music!

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The COLOR TONE are a band out of Saint Louis, MO. dedicated to a variety of sound that represents mixing song, color and music. The COLOR TONE advance creative, song, color , music in traditional and non-traditional formats. Continuing the process of interviewing, defining and developing a group of high energy people that will play, act, dream and create together as they reach this common goal.

The Color Tones® also record and sing a variety of songs for different causes across the varied opinions of  America. In other words: WE INCLUDE EVERYBODY IN OUR MUSIC!!!!!

Band members include: Johnny Saint - vocals and multi instrumentalist and Wayne Bell - vocals and multi instrumentalist . All St. Louis, MO based, each member brings a portfolio of talents ranging from the creative to the business side of the music industry.


The group has a dedicated mission that includes, audio, sound and visual recordings, namely musical sound recordings and musical video recordings, this group is becoming known for live concerts, music and video recordings with production services, downloadable music and merchandising.  With a direct emphasis on entertainment for children and young adults while parents and grandparents also recognize The COLOR TONE for their work, sound, play, passion and insane creativity.


Generating positive vibes and sounds with the responsibility and the task of helping lead this group of people to a stage near you. The known as The COLOR TONE are wholly owned and managed by Saint Louis based publishing company Really Big Coloring Books, ® Inc., a provider of children’s coloring and other paper products since 1988.


If you would like to play and you think you may understand turning ‘color into music’ please contact: info@thecolortones.com

The ColorTones®
224 North Meramec Avenue  |  Saint Louis, MO 63105 USA
Phone: 314-725-1452  |  Fax: 314-725-3553
Email: info@thecolortones.com