Turning Color into Music!

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The Color Tones®

THE COLOR TONES® use a palette of different musical styles to enhance the coloring and musical experience. Based out of Saint Louis, MO, THE COLOR TONES® are musicians of multiple generations with the aim to make music fun for all ages, and the generations to come. By mixing color, music and poetry, THE COLOR TONES® inspire a sense of wonder, imagination and creativity under the banner of peace, love and good vibes.

THE COLOR TONES® record and sing a variety of songs for different causes across the varied opinions of America voices both large and small with a mission statement of inclusivity.

THE COLOR TONES® advance music in traditional and non-traditional formats ranging from their unique “synesthetic” approach to music creation to their wild creativity in the business sector.  The group is becoming known for live concerts, music and video recordings, stream-able and download-able services as well as production tools and merchandising.

With a focus on writing songs for youth and young adults, parents and grand-parents alike have found the group’s songs to be energetic, dynamic and outright fun.

Generating positive vibes and sounds, the group known as THE COLOR TONES® are wholly owned and managed by Saint Louis based publishing company Really Big Coloring Books, ® Inc., a publisher of children’s coloring and other paper products since 1988.

In the spirit of inclusivity, THE COLOR TONES® are prone to tap guest Color Tones to feature and collaborate with in their musical and creative endeavors.  If you would like to turn “color into music”, you may consider joining the guest Color Tone family. If so, please kindly contact: info@thecolortones.com